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Thursday February 1, 2007

Vista Silliness

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While reading the BBC news website “Have your Say” section on the question “Will you upgrade to Vista” I came across this wonderful comment:

“[In Windows] I am also running zonealarm, AVG, spybot search and destroy, spyblaster… Can Linux handle that combination? cause if I swtch and it can’y i’ll be seriously ****** off.”

How utterly depressing. Microsoft users have become so innured to the apalling security of their system that they presume every other OS would be as bad, would require the same insane levels of security. In the case of that poster, he/she is running five or more programs, just to be able to connect to the internet with some degree of security. Those five programs are eating up memory space, chip clock time, sawing away at his hard-disk, for what? To do something his OS was theoretically designed to accomplish.

Microsoft designed XP so poorly that it is, in my opinion, unusable for that particular poster. Then they dreamed up WGA, a scam against their own users. Then they abused WGA to sneak elements of the Vista OS onto XP users systems. This caused problems for users and web designers amongst others.

I also note that Vista will be much more exensive in Europe than in the USA, and almost twice as expensive for UK users. Why? Is there any justification for this other than MS’s continuing greed? And where is the coverage of this important issue in the Media? All those papers/tv stations must be getting significant sums of cash from MS to ensure such adulation, such uniform praise for the new Vista, such an abandonment of every ethical principle of journalism.

Such is life however, until we change it.


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